Friday, June 03, 2005

A couple more things....

just because I like to spread the love. Here are some of my favorite sites: Some day I will own one! In the meantime I will just look at my book and postcards. I was walking by a toy store in town a year and half ago or so ago when I saw a display of this lovelies in the window. Right away I was hooked. Now have about six of them or so. One of my favorite sites to frequent. So many of my favorite things end up on their site! Right now our friend Susie Ghahremani has a lovely handmade wallet for sale there.
O.K. I haven't updated in awhile, I know, I know. So here it is. Well lets see The Smittens are finally done recording our second album! The plan is to have it out by the time we go on tour in August. We are returning this year again to the Athens Popfest and looking forward to it so very much. For more info go here
Also updated recently is our website
with our latest adventure in which we play a green prom party in the new John O'Brien film. In short a surreal and fun experience!
No shows booked anytime soon but check in with our website as we hoping to have a show possibly in July here in VT.
What else, what else? Oh, new Smittens merchandise coming too! Tote bags! Yes its true, you could owe your very own Smittens tote bag! Its still in the works but soon, soon, soon! In other Smittens related news we have our very own myspace account,
Check it out and become our friend! We'd love you more then kittens and candy if you did!
How is the Littlest Smitten you ask? Well I'm just dandy! Summer is finally here and all the other good things that come with it! xoxo