Monday, October 31, 2011

Littlest Smitten Website!

Hi all!
Exciting news I have a website. Please go there now for posts! I'll be updating soon with my Halloween weekend! Happy Halloween!!!
Xoxo, Holly

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bits and Pieces of My Life

Hello friends!
Inspired by Bleubird Vintage here are some bits and pieces of the last few days. The first picture is from my town's very own Fashion's Night Out. I was wearing my new Jack BB Dakota Swan dress. It was such an amazing night at the boutique I work at. We had models in the windows, a photographer taking pictures, mini make-up makeovers and appetizers and drinks. Not to mention 20% off everything. So fun! After I got out I went and enjoyed the other businesses own events happening downtown with my friend Brooke. Picture two is me and my niece on Friday. She is getting so big. I heart her. The next two pictures are just some of the fun we had later that night at the 2011 South End Art Hop. We enjoyed a set at our friend Creston's studio of our friend Ryan Ober's music. Not too mention we got to admire Creston's amazing guitars. Later we went to a photo studio for the exhibit and party. I may or may not have a started the dance party. Just saying. Finally the last four pictures are from today. I'm wearing my new to me thrifted handmade dress and a necklace gifted to me by a friend recently. Tonight my sweetie was inspired to make us tofu ravioli with pesto kale sauce and fried eggplant. It was so good! Hope you are having a great weekend so far too!
Thanks Miss James for the inspiration to do this post!
xoxo, Holly

Saturday, August 20, 2011

August Photos and Special Pieces From The Clothing Line

Hi all!
Can't believe it's been almost another month since my last post but I've been enjoying the summer and trying to take advantage of every free moment to be outside and away from the computer. That being said I'm still addicted to Instagram and so here is another round of photos from the last few weeks in no particular order. All were taken by me except the one in the vintage dress with the cat in the background that David took last night for our date to go to our friend Myra Flynn's cd release party. You may recognize the dress from this post back in March when I picked it up at my friend's shop. The picture of me wearing a feather fascinator was taken at her shop The Clothing Line. I didn't buy it but I'm thinking of going back and seeing if it's still there. It's so pretty! Also from her story is the vintage tulip skirt that I took a picture of in the mirror. High waist-ed in and so cute. Thanks Heather!
Well I have the day off and going to take advantage of the beautiful weather before heading out to meet the ladies tonight for a hen party! Have a great weekend!
xoxo, Littlest
p.s. I wanted to share this amazing giveaway at Une Vie Geniale (a favorite blog of mine!) for Vintage Urban Renewel. They have amazing things and the giveaway is for $25.00 so go check it out!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Sunday all!
I'm on day two of a three day weekend which was badly needed. I've been feeling a bit run down so I'm enjoying the long weekend and the amazing sunny weather. Here are some pictures taken on my iphone of the weekend starting on Friday with drinks after work and late night American Flatbread. Yesterday afternoon we went to a barbecue and pool party hosted by David's co-worker. Last night we went to friend's house for a small last minute dinner party where I decided it called for a glass of prosecco. Today we are taking it easy until later when we are having friend's over for dinner. Excited to be using all the vegetables we picked up from our farm share this week. The last picture is from today at home with my cat. Her name is Squrrrl, no joke. Like Riot Grrrl. Hope your weekend is going well! xo, Littlest

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Self Portraits With Instagram

Hi all!
It's been awhile. In part I'll blame my computer for not working regularly and then finally dying but really a big part is summer is here so I'm not online as much. I'm using another computer for now which is okay but I think until mine is fixed you'll see post only here and there. Anyhow I hope your summer has been great so far. I know mine has!
I've been taking lots of pictures with my iphone using Instagram. It's so addicting! I thought I would do a little post of self portrait pictures from our tour this summer. Hope you enjoy! xo, Holly

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back from Tour and Videos to Show!

Hey everyone!
Well we made it back from tour Monday and my computer stopped working right before I left but now seems ok. I think something is up with the battery so I should probably get it checked out however here is a quick post. We had a great time on tour and I can't wait to do a few updates over the weekend but for now I'm going to leave you some videos of some of the songs we played at San Francisco Popfest. This was a great night and I had blast. I hope I didn't embarrass myself too much seeing along on stage but I can't help it sometimes. Our friend Claude Cardenas shot the videos and did an awesome job. I love that he shot in black and white. You can watch all four videos online here too. Well I'm off to spend time with my mother , sister and niece who was born a month ago! Have a great day and check back for more post about tour this weekend. Also if you're local we have a great show Sunday night at Monkey House in Winooski with Diamond Tiger and Shepherd's Pie. We'll be opening the night so come early! xoxo, Littlest

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Go West!

Tomorrow is the beginning of tour! I should be asleep but I'm too excited. The first show is tomorrow in LA at Redwood Bar and Grill. For our complete tour schedule go here.
I hope to meet some new folks and are looking forward to seeing old friends. Don't be shy if you come to a show, say hi! Well I'm off to do some last minute packing. I'll leave you with a picture of some of our old merchandise pins that I came across today.
xoxo, Littlest

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Imaginary Girls Talk About Our Seattle Show

Hey all!
Just a quick post to say The Smittens are so close to our West Coast tour. One week left until we head out! I'm so excited to see friends old and new and play some great shows! One of my good friends moved to Seattle in the last couple of months and I'm really looking forward to seeing her and playing here. Also the lovely Three Imaginary Girls wrote about our Seattle show on their site. Thanks ladies! Read the article below or click on the site link to take you to their website directly.
xoxo, Littlest

Seattle's very own one-night popfest: The Smittens, Math & Physics Club, The Special Places, Monnone Alone {ex-Lucksmiths}
The best thing about the San Francisco PopFest, besides the fabulous line-up gathered in one city over five consecutive days for the massive delight of p-fest attendees, is fact that all of those PopFest bands sometimes spread their west coast wings and, in the most wonderful of cases, travel north to visit us in Seattle.

On Friday, June 3 at the Rendezvous we have just such a migration from SF as two Seattle (and imaginary favorite) bands share a bill with two indie-popolicious artists from far away to make my one-night-mini-popfest dreams come true.

Opening the night is Monnone Alone, a band consisting of the most charming Lucksmiths' bassist of all time, Mark Monnone {and, sometimes, a couple very talented friends}. There has been a hole in our heart since the Lucksmiths called it quits (or how we like to remember it, put a hiccup in our happiness by hitting the 'pause' button), and here comes Monnone Alone to the rescue.

Next up is Seattle's Special Places, a duo consisting of Jenny Mears and Corianton Hale from Tullycraft. They just put the finishing touches on their first ever release and, fingers crossed, we will be able to pick up the EP at the show (maybe?). Perhaps they will include an acoustic cover of "Enter Sandman" in their set? Would any one-night-mini-popfest be complete *without* an acoustic cover of "Enter Sandman?"

Keeping the hometown vibe going will be Math & Physics Club. This is their last Seattle show before they head off to the great island across the pond to play IndieTracks (we've talked about how it's our dream to go to IndieTracks, right?) and a UK tour. It's so neat to think that Seattle's very own MaPC are going to play stages in Manchester, Glasgow , and London! Let's all pat their backs and wish them well on their big trip.

Rounding out the night, Vermont's The Smittens will take the stage and fill the room with sweet pop melodies about love, friendship, and gumdrops. I don't think they've never played Seattle, so this is our first ever chance to scream for "something sassy" at the top of our lungs.

Sounds like one pop-mazing, pop-tastic, pop-ilicious, pop-derful night right?!!?

Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello All!
Our niece Sophie was born this weekend. We are beyond happy to finally meet her. She is so precious. Here is my sister in the hospital. I couldn't believe how strong and full of energy she was just less then a day after labor. She is a super star. That's my brother looking like a proud Uncle. Oh and of course me the proud aunt. I took so many pictures of just Sophie but didn't want to over load this post. I can't wait to spend more time with her and get to know her better.
We heart her. Hope you all are having a great start to your week.
xoxo, Littlest

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Queen City Craft Bazaar 2011

Hey all!
I wanted to tell you to go to the Queen City Craft Bazaar on June 4th here in Burlington, VT. It's going to be a fantastic event. I've gone previous years and been blown away by the talent and unique crafts. It's so cool it made the Boston Globe.
For more information visit the website here.

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Smittens Hit The West Coast

Hi all,
I've been slacking in the blogging department the last two weeks. Honestly I don't know where the time went! The band has been recording a bunch and is nearly done! We are super excited for our first west coast tour! For all the information and the bands we're playing with go to our NEWS section.
Here is the quick information for our tour:
1 May 25, 2011, Los Angeles, CA @ the Redwood Bar & Grill
2 May 26, 2011, Joshua Tree, CA @ Art Queen Gallery
3 May 27, 2011, San Francisco, CA @ the Rickshaw Stop (San Francisco Popfest!)
4 May 30, 2011, Sacramento, CA @ Sacramento International Popfest BBQ
5 May 31, 2011, San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah
6 June 1, 2011, Portland, OR @ Ella Street Social Club
7 June 2, 2011, Portland, OR @ the Knife Shop
8 June 3, 2011, Seattle, WA @ the Jewelbox Theater
9 June 4, 2011, Olympia, WA @ Northern

We are so excited to be back again for San Francisco Popfest! Not to mention be playing new towns and seeing old friends and meeting new ones! Last summer we toured the United Kingdom and Europe with our friends Allo Darlin' and are so excited to be playing with them at the Rickshaw Stop 5/27.

Last month The Smittens did a photo shoot for some new press kit pictures with Sam Simon. We're very pleased with the way they turned out we may use some for other projects too! Here are a few including an out take of Max and I.
Hope you are all having a fabulous Monday. Spread the word that The Smittens are coming to town!
Thanks, Littlest

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and Kiwis

Hi all,
Hope you all had a great weekend and Easter holiday if you celebrated. We had a great time with family in MA. Though it was short it was sweet. Our nephew who is just 4 months has grown so much since we last saw him at Christmas. He is 18 pounds now! A big boy indeed and super cute. I forgot my camera for the trip but took a some pictures on my phone. I totally forgot to get pictures with the my sister and brother-in-law but of course took a bunch of our nephew Nico. The top picture shows the bunny making napkin duties I full filled. I think they came out quite nice if I do say so myself. David also helped make some. There were eleven dinner guest not including two babies. My brother in law out did himself as always with the cooking. It was delicious! The dessert was baklava with fresh yogurt too. So good.

Also if you read my last post you know of the Easter Kiwi tradition. This year we were tight on time so we did just a few. Below are most of them. You know Black Swan Kiwi of course was done. We also had to do the Kennedys because we just watched the mini series and not only is David obsessed with all things Kennedy. Then of course the upcoming royal wedding. Lastly we couldn't not do Charlie Sheen. I mean that one is obvious. I'm off to get some shut eye but I'll be posting again tomorrow with our band's tour dates and a sneak peak at our photo shoot pictures taken last week.

Later gators, Littlest