Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Sunday all!
I'm on day two of a three day weekend which was badly needed. I've been feeling a bit run down so I'm enjoying the long weekend and the amazing sunny weather. Here are some pictures taken on my iphone of the weekend starting on Friday with drinks after work and late night American Flatbread. Yesterday afternoon we went to a barbecue and pool party hosted by David's co-worker. Last night we went to friend's house for a small last minute dinner party where I decided it called for a glass of prosecco. Today we are taking it easy until later when we are having friend's over for dinner. Excited to be using all the vegetables we picked up from our farm share this week. The last picture is from today at home with my cat. Her name is Squrrrl, no joke. Like Riot Grrrl. Hope your weekend is going well! xo, Littlest

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Self Portraits With Instagram

Hi all!
It's been awhile. In part I'll blame my computer for not working regularly and then finally dying but really a big part is summer is here so I'm not online as much. I'm using another computer for now which is okay but I think until mine is fixed you'll see post only here and there. Anyhow I hope your summer has been great so far. I know mine has!
I've been taking lots of pictures with my iphone using Instagram. It's so addicting! I thought I would do a little post of self portrait pictures from our tour this summer. Hope you enjoy! xo, Holly