Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and Kiwis

Hi all,
Hope you all had a great weekend and Easter holiday if you celebrated. We had a great time with family in MA. Though it was short it was sweet. Our nephew who is just 4 months has grown so much since we last saw him at Christmas. He is 18 pounds now! A big boy indeed and super cute. I forgot my camera for the trip but took a some pictures on my phone. I totally forgot to get pictures with the my sister and brother-in-law but of course took a bunch of our nephew Nico. The top picture shows the bunny making napkin duties I full filled. I think they came out quite nice if I do say so myself. David also helped make some. There were eleven dinner guest not including two babies. My brother in law out did himself as always with the cooking. It was delicious! The dessert was baklava with fresh yogurt too. So good.

Also if you read my last post you know of the Easter Kiwi tradition. This year we were tight on time so we did just a few. Below are most of them. You know Black Swan Kiwi of course was done. We also had to do the Kennedys because we just watched the mini series and not only is David obsessed with all things Kennedy. Then of course the upcoming royal wedding. Lastly we couldn't not do Charlie Sheen. I mean that one is obvious. I'm off to get some shut eye but I'll be posting again tomorrow with our band's tour dates and a sneak peak at our photo shoot pictures taken last week.

Later gators, Littlest

Friday, April 22, 2011

What are Easter Kiwis?

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Sorry it's been a bit since my last post. It was a busy week for the band with recording and a photo shoot. We just received the pictures today and will be picking out ones to update our press photos.

Today I took advantage of the lovely sunny weather and got myself up early for a long walk around town. It's so nice to have today off! The afternoon has been spent cleaning and napping. Later tonight I'll be going to this happening. Can't wait to dance with my friends and hear the new album!

David and I have plans to see family in Massachusetts for Easter. I'm excited for some Easter Kiwi making! What is Easter Kiwi do you ask? Well back years ago before I even knew David he had decided to become a vegetarian. His sister thought that he had become vegan and decided that instead of bringing over eggs one Easter to decorate she would bring kiwi. Even though David made it clear after he was fine with eggs they still kept the Easter Kiwi tradition alive. So every year kiwi are decorated so to speak. One can decorate however they want but we often draw from that's years current events, top news stories, pop culture, hit movies etc. I think the pictures below from previous different years will explain it better. Two of my favorite I have ever done were Flight of the Conchords kiwi and Brokeback kiwi. I also wanted to share some pictures from last Easter in MA at David's aunts house in the backyard with all the trees blossoming. The black and white picture of his aunt in college is amazing! So cute right?! If you celebrate Easter have a great one!
xoxo, Littlest

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We Dance To The Beat

Hey all!
Hope the rest of your weekend was great and that this week so far has been fantastic as well. Things are great here in VT though rainy. Boo! Oh well at least it's not snowing. I'm actually a big fan of thunderstorms but it's just been rainy more then anything. I had Monday off and walked around town early morning before the rain showers came down abruptly just as I turned on to my street. I spent the afternoon cleaning around home and listening to Jens Lekman with the windows open. God I love him!

Speaking of music, I meant to back in late February to post pictures and a video from the Robyn show I and some friends attended at Higher Ground. It was so amazing! We danced like crazy. I can never get enough dancing in.

My band mate and friend Max will be here tomorrow from England! We are having a dance party Friday night with friends in one of the private rooms at a local bar downtown. I'm looking forward to seeing him and dancing with everyone.

Okey dokey friends I'm off to watch a movie before bed. Good night!

xoxo, Littlest


Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sunny Spring Day and Outfit Post

Hello all,
Today was a beautiful Spring day here. As is typical this time of year I was dressed in light layers to make sure I was never too cold or too warm. David and I slept in and then left the house to take a long walk. We started off in our neighborhood where we got coffee and free local bread samples at the local bakery. We then did some browsing at The Barge Canal and then walked up the street to downtown where we got bagel sandwiches to go. Then we decided to walk to the Waterfront and then along the bike path. It was such a pretty walk along the lake and the fresh air felt so good. Eventually we got off the path and looped around to walk back home.

Later in the afternoon we met up with friends for a beer outside at Farmhouse on the patio. It's such a treat to finally be able to sit outside with a drink or food and people watch and just hang out with friends. Not having a million layers of winter clothing and accessories feels so good. I'm planning to start cleaning out my winter wardrobe this week and switching in more spring/summer clothes. Speaking of outfits I thought I would share some pictures of what I wore today. Now I'm off to take it easy with David tonight and watch this! We are super excited. Have a great night!

vintage cape}thrifted
sweatershirt}American Apparel
Lacoste Jeans bought on sale at local boutique a few years ago
platform sandals}Steve Madden
fox necklace from boutique I work at}Polli
vintage dead stock sunglasses from Old Gold
vintage box purse w/lucite handle}thrifted