Saturday, July 26, 2008

UK Tour Part One

Allo Luvs!
So it is Thursday and we just finished our gig in Leeds with Ballboy and the Manhattan Love Suicides I thought I would take this time to update you all on our adventures so far. So Colin and Dana arrived a week ago and played a Let’s Whisper gig in London. They were celebrating the release of their new EP on Wee Pop Records. They played with Allo Darlin and they had a blast. The next night they headed to Oxford for a solo gig that Colin had. Colin said the gig was fun even though the sound guy kicked over his whiskey.

Holly and I arrived on Saturday. We all met up in Leeds for some practice sessions. Later that night we made dinner and then we went to a local pub for our first tastes of English beer. It is better here. Our first gig was on Monday night in Sheffield. The Pete Green set up the gig. We played with the Parallelograms and the Seven Inches. Both bands were great and super sweet. After the gig we headed back to Leeds and Dana, Holly and I attempted (unsuccessfully) to watch Project Runway on the internet.

On Tuesday we headed to Birmingham (pronounced BUR-ming-GUMM, rather than Birming-HAM.) Our new friend Duncan from the Autumn Store set up a fantastic line up of international music. He and Debbie were super great hosts--they even cooked us pasta and brought it to the club! The Zebras and our label mates Red Pony Clock both shared the stage with us. After the gig a crazy guy told Max and I that Americans were “Doo Doo” then called me “Grandchild”. He was nice I think.

We woke up in Birmingham and headed to Glasgow. We drove through the Lake District which was breathtakingly beautiful. We arrived in Glasgow around four pm. Colin got his first fish and chips of the tour and I had veggie haggis. I am not going to lie to you, the gig that night was pretty amazing. Music Is My Girlfriend set up a fantastic night of music. The Just Joans opened and they are a charming little sextet that make Colin cry. Zoey Van Goey were really really impressive. If you get a chance to see them don’t wear socks, because they will knock them off. Then we crashed in Glasgow. Oh Oh Oh! On the way home we stopped in Appleby and had our first pub lunch. I got the ploughman’s lunch.

So we just played with Ballboy and the Manhattan Love Suicides and the gig was great. It's was Max's friend Neil's birthday and the show felt like a party. We have three more gigs with Ballboy. We are truly lucky.

Here are some pics from the first leg of the tour.


The Smittens

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