Monday, March 07, 2011

Snow Day!

Hi all,
So today I had the day off and thankfully so. It has been snowing since yesterday and finally slowed down this afternoon. The storm is the 5th biggest in Vermont history. I was planning to get some things done at home today which I did but I couldn't resist an adventure to walk in to town while it wasn't snowing and get myself a hot chocolate at a favorite locally owned coffee shop. Which by the way was one of the few places open and hopping with business. All the retail businesses were closed and Church Street was oh so quiet except for the occasional sleds or cross countries skiers. I took a few pictures on my street and on my porch. The second picture is looking down my front stairs from the porch. The snow was so high before it got shoveled! The walk into town took a bit longer as the sidewalks were not plowed and unwalkable so the road it was. Despite so much snow it was pretty "warm" out and with all my layers I was toasty and enjoyed the exercise. So much snow also meant sunglasses. So bright out! I hope you all had a good Monday!
Cheers, Littlest

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