Saturday, March 05, 2011

Our Annual Oscar Party 2011

Drawing taken from American Elf by James Kochalka (
Hi all!
Well it's been another while since my last post. David and I had our annual Oscar Party last Sunday and I have to say this may have been the best one yet. A great turn out! Everyone looked amazing. This year we hosted the Oscar party at Parima in their Lounge room which was cozy and the perfect spot. We had fun decorating the room beforehand but the space it self didn't require much prepping. The room already had a projector and screen set up so we could air the Oscars loud and large. Our guests got all dolled up as is a requirement for the Oscars and they did not disappoint. I had set up a red carpet and was taking pictures of guest as they arrived. Pretty soon it was getting so crowded I couldn't get red carpet shots anymore. A sign of a good turn out for sure.

I was pleased with most of the awards although I was kind of surprised The King's Speech won. Not because it wasn't a good movie or that I didn't enjoy it. I just thought of the other films I saw like The Fighter or Winter's Bone or even Black Swan would win. I thought Winter's Bone was so powerful and real. The Fighter well acted and interesting. Black Swan visually moving and well done although not my favorite. That being said Natalie Portman did some of her best acting I think and I'm happy she won.

Here are just some of the many pictures I took that night. Also our friends James Kochalka and Amy King came with their boys. James wrote about the party in his daily strip American Elf. Thanks James! Thanks again to all our friends who got all dressed up and came out to the Oscars! We had a great time and look forward to next year!


James said...

That was a really good party, and I love the photo you took of my family all dressed up.

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