Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankful For Family and Friends

So it's been a busy few days between two Thanksgiving dinners Thursday, one at my sister's house and one at Alison's house, Brooke's birthday Friday and going out to a show Saturday. I didn't take many pictures at my sister's house because I was too busy stuffing my face with food and enjoying the company. I'll do a separate post for Brooke's birthday and the show I went to last night later.

The first picture is what I wore for Thanksgiving. I know the important part, ha! I decided to wear a pink silk blouse that I never wear because it's a bit big but I found with the tight knit short sleeve cardigan I was able to make it work. I love the color, the draped cowl neck and of course that it's silk.

Here is David and my mother. I don't remember what she was saying but I know she was agreeing with Bob about something based on her finger pointing.

The next series of pictures are from Alison's house.

After dinner we walked over to the Old Northender bar to meet up with some more friends for some drinks, jukebox music and of course play Photo Hunt.

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