Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and Kiwis

Hi all,
Hope you all had a great weekend and Easter holiday if you celebrated. We had a great time with family in MA. Though it was short it was sweet. Our nephew who is just 4 months has grown so much since we last saw him at Christmas. He is 18 pounds now! A big boy indeed and super cute. I forgot my camera for the trip but took a some pictures on my phone. I totally forgot to get pictures with the my sister and brother-in-law but of course took a bunch of our nephew Nico. The top picture shows the bunny making napkin duties I full filled. I think they came out quite nice if I do say so myself. David also helped make some. There were eleven dinner guest not including two babies. My brother in law out did himself as always with the cooking. It was delicious! The dessert was baklava with fresh yogurt too. So good.

Also if you read my last post you know of the Easter Kiwi tradition. This year we were tight on time so we did just a few. Below are most of them. You know Black Swan Kiwi of course was done. We also had to do the Kennedys because we just watched the mini series and not only is David obsessed with all things Kennedy. Then of course the upcoming royal wedding. Lastly we couldn't not do Charlie Sheen. I mean that one is obvious. I'm off to get some shut eye but I'll be posting again tomorrow with our band's tour dates and a sneak peak at our photo shoot pictures taken last week.

Later gators, Littlest


The Cat Hag said...

Your Kiwi People are the cutest, and you are so mega talented to be able to fold napkins into cute bunnies of all things!! ♥♥

The Cat Hag

The Littlest Smitten said...

Ah shucks thanks! It's really just another Martha Stewart trick. It was fun to do though. We love our weird kiwi tradition!