Friday, January 14, 2011


Happy Friday!
Today I had the day off. Took a yoga class at 9am. Got brunch with Max and then we went to a local thrift shop and found some bargains. I spent a whole $2.00 and got two sweaters, a winter hat, a necklace and a baby romper for my sister's baby. Came back home and did some blog reading and then took a well needed nap. Not a bad day at all so far! Now I'm off to meet my lovely friend Brooke for a drink. After we part ways I'm having a date night with David. Checking out an art opening and then going to a nice restaurant for dinner. I snapped a quick picture on my phone of my outfit for your all. Have a great weekend! xoxo, Littlest

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cb said...

sounds like a perfect friday! wish i had more fridays like that :D