Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We Dance To The Beat

Hey all!
Hope the rest of your weekend was great and that this week so far has been fantastic as well. Things are great here in VT though rainy. Boo! Oh well at least it's not snowing. I'm actually a big fan of thunderstorms but it's just been rainy more then anything. I had Monday off and walked around town early morning before the rain showers came down abruptly just as I turned on to my street. I spent the afternoon cleaning around home and listening to Jens Lekman with the windows open. God I love him!

Speaking of music, I meant to back in late February to post pictures and a video from the Robyn show I and some friends attended at Higher Ground. It was so amazing! We danced like crazy. I can never get enough dancing in.

My band mate and friend Max will be here tomorrow from England! We are having a dance party Friday night with friends in one of the private rooms at a local bar downtown. I'm looking forward to seeing him and dancing with everyone.

Okey dokey friends I'm off to watch a movie before bed. Good night!

xoxo, Littlest



By Sara Romero said...

thats cute that you walked around town, have fun with max :) i think your blog is adorable. im following hope you can do the same.


Louise said...

I adore Robyn! It's too bad that the American media completely ignores her. Hmph. You're one lucky duck!