Friday, April 22, 2011

What are Easter Kiwis?

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Sorry it's been a bit since my last post. It was a busy week for the band with recording and a photo shoot. We just received the pictures today and will be picking out ones to update our press photos.

Today I took advantage of the lovely sunny weather and got myself up early for a long walk around town. It's so nice to have today off! The afternoon has been spent cleaning and napping. Later tonight I'll be going to this happening. Can't wait to dance with my friends and hear the new album!

David and I have plans to see family in Massachusetts for Easter. I'm excited for some Easter Kiwi making! What is Easter Kiwi do you ask? Well back years ago before I even knew David he had decided to become a vegetarian. His sister thought that he had become vegan and decided that instead of bringing over eggs one Easter to decorate she would bring kiwi. Even though David made it clear after he was fine with eggs they still kept the Easter Kiwi tradition alive. So every year kiwi are decorated so to speak. One can decorate however they want but we often draw from that's years current events, top news stories, pop culture, hit movies etc. I think the pictures below from previous different years will explain it better. Two of my favorite I have ever done were Flight of the Conchords kiwi and Brokeback kiwi. I also wanted to share some pictures from last Easter in MA at David's aunts house in the backyard with all the trees blossoming. The black and white picture of his aunt in college is amazing! So cute right?! If you celebrate Easter have a great one!
xoxo, Littlest


cb said...

i like the easter kiwi idea! so cute and a great tradition to keep alive!


Ashley said...

LOVE the older picture of the women in the bunny suit! Happy Easter.

The Littlest Smitten said...

Yeah we love the tradition. I'll post pictures on my next post of this year's. I know the picture of my husbands aunt is so awesome.